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About us

Our Priority is to Meet Your Needs

It’s our goal to create a comprehensive website for teachers of English learners in order to assist and
support you with teaching second language learners. We want to create an online community of teachers and future teachers
where you can learn new information, network with other teachers in order to share best practices, have your questions answered
by experts, and discover quality educational products. We have some exciting ideas as to what type of information and functionality
we would like to include in the website, but we also want to hear your opinions and feedback. We want this site to be designed
with teachers just like you in mind.
In order to create
a high-quality website that is designed to meet YOUR needs, we would ilke to learn a little about you. Please assist us in
tailoring the website in order to make it user friendly for teachers by taking the time to fill out this survey. We commit
to you that the results of the survey are completely confidential and will be only used with the purpose of designing a teacher-friendly
website. Please do not feel obligated to leave any information that you are not comfortable with sharing. Thank you for your
time and feedback!!

How did you hear about our web site?

What type of information would you like to see included on the website? What are your greatest needs as
a teacher?

In which grade(s) do you teach?

In which type of program do you teach?

Our Goals

  • To create a quality website that will meet the needs of teachers of English
  • To create a safe space for teachers to ask questions and learn new information
  • To nurture on
    online community of teachers who share resources
  • To provide cutting-edge information on best practices for teaching
    second language learners
  • To demystify the process of teaching quality English language development (ELD)
  • To
    highlight instructional resources that teachers will find useful
  • To slowly build a website based on teacher feedback
    and suggestions

Please Submit Your Email if You Would Like Site Updates: