ELD Strategies

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ELD Standards: Grades K-2

ELD Standards: Grades K-2

Literary Response and Analysis

ELD Levels

ELD Standards

Instructional Strategies


Listen to a story and respond orally in one or two words to factual comprehension questions.
Draw pictures related to a work of literature identifying settings and characters.

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Early Intermediate

Respond orally to factual comprehension questions about stories by answering in simple sentences.
Recite simple poems.
Identify orally the settings and characters
by using simple sentences and vocabulary.


Use expanded vocabulary and descriptive words in oral and written responses to simple texts.
Read simple poetry and use simple sentences in answering factual comprehension questions.

Early Advanced

Read short poems and orally identify the basic elements (e.g., rhythm and rhyme).
Read a literary selection and orally identify the literary elements of plot, setting, and characters.
Read a story and identify the beginning, middle, and end. 


Read a variety of children’s literature and respond to it both orally and in writing.
Describe the elements of poetry (e.g., rhythm, rhyme, alliteration).
and contrast different authors’ use of literary elements.