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Sample Songs, Poems and Chants

Sample Songs, Poems and Chants

I’m a Hero

I’m a Little TeaPot)

I’m an everyday hero, yes I am!

always help people in your town! 

Sometimes I fight fires, sometimes I fight crime.

Every single day I put my life on the line.

I make discoveries,
yes I do!

I make vaccines for the flu!

Sometimes I find
cures, sometimes I don’t.

I’ll never stop trying-no I won’t!

fight inequality, hear me shout!

Against any injustice I speak out!

I protest unfairness-don’t you see? 

I always battle for equality!


Anasazi Cadence

We just know what we’ve been told

The Anasazi lived long ago.

Through the Southwest they did roam

Four Corners was their home.

Sound off…Canyons!

Sound off…Deserts!

Sound off…Mesas!

deserts, mesas…Sound off!

In the desert they

Irrigated crops to stay alive.

Trade is what they also did

Sold turquoise to those who bid.

off…scorching heat!

Sound off…fear of drought!

Sound off…low rain fall!

Scorching heat, fear of drought, low rain fall…Sound off!

Pueblo Bonito they did build

On the top of a hill

Cliff Palace had many

Overhead a cliff did loom!

Sound off…villages!


Sound off…stone blocks!

Villages, dwellings, stone blocks…sound off!


Bald Eagles

Bald eagles here, bald eagles there,

Bald eagles, bald eagles everywhere!

Powerful bald eagles soaring,

Carnivorous bald eagles hunting,

Fierce bald eagles attacking,

And enormous bald eagles regurgitating.

Bald eagles near rivers and lakes,

eagles above their prey,

Bald eagles in their nests,

And bald eagles around lush forests.

Bald eagles here, bald eagles there,

Bald eagles, bald eagles everywhere!

eagles!  Bald eagles!  Bald eagles!


 Sun Bugaloo

I’m the sun and I’m here to say

I radiate heat each and every day.

a medium-sized star close to you

I’m the center
of the solar system, yes-it’s true!

Sunspot, corona,
heat too!

Doing the energy Bugaloo!!

I’m 93 million miles from Earth

Sit right there-let me tell you what I’m worth!

My heat provides energy for you to live

look directly at me, for blindness I may give!

corona, heat too!

Doing the energy Bugaloo!!

I’m 4.5 billion years old.

Without my heat your planet would be cold.

a huge, rotating, glowing mass-

Just one big ball of fiery

Sunspot, corona,
heat too!

Doing the energy Bugaloo!!

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